Introduction to Pilates

What is Pilates?

The Pilates method is a physical system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph H. Pilates, after whom it was named. Joseph Pilates called his method “Contrology.” Pilates is a method of full body conditioning: it strengthens and stretches the body with control from the core, also called the “powerhouse.” Through centering and concentration of the mind, the body moves in small, precise movements, emphasizing alignment and breath. The method encompasses the use of particular exercise equipment as well as a sequence of exercises on the mat. The Pilates method includes exercises ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced that can be modified according to the client’s possible ailments.

Tiziana’s Pilates Journey and Method

Tiziana is an internationally sought-after Pilates master teacher. She studied directly under the tutelage of Romana Krizanosvka, the heir apparent to Joseph Pilates. She is one of the few instructors in the world to receive one-on-one, personal training from Romana under an old school apprenticeship format. Tiziana carries Romana’s teachings in her own body and mind and delivers these teachings through verbal cues and tactile feedback to ensure proper form. In other words, Tiziana teaches the Pilates method as Romana taught her. Throughout her early career, Tiziana studied with other prominent Pilates leaders, such as Romana’s daughter Sari Mejia Santo, Jay Grimes and Bob Liekens.

As a Pilates Master Teacher, Teacher Trainer, yoga instructor/practitioner, former professional dancer, and body therapist, Tiziana has become a specialist at understanding body movement. She observes an individual through these multiple lenses to assess the body and determine appropriate course of action. Her understanding of different modalities provides Tiziana the knowledge to safeguard students as they move correctly through required bio-mechanics and proper form.

Around the Globe – Retreats, Conferences & More!

Tiziana’s journey has taken her around the globe where she has shared her knowledge and experience at conferences, retreats and symposiums.

Tiziana travels worldwide to offer support to Pilates training centers by instructing apprentices and teachers while also offering one-on-one instruction and group classes.
She will teach Master classes, workshops and retreats.

Tiziana is available for Skype, Google Hangout and FaceTime sessions.

Experience Tiziana’s teaching style by watching her instructional videos on


- Toni Unrein

Happy client

“Tiziana is an excellent physical therapist and massage therapist. Her expertise in pilates and yoga give her a keen eye for proper body alignment. She listens well during the first session and continues to listen in future sessions so she can refine the treatment plan. Tiziana is not satisfied to provide only a solution for removing immediate pain. Instead she seeks to educate the patient on the root cause.  I have dealt with rotator cuff and frozen shoulder issues intermittently over the years. Tiziana is the first to identify why this is reoccurring, so I can correct my behavior and avoid future incidents. I highly recommend Tiziana.”


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