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- Ellen Zoe Golden

My teacher and physical therapist who has taught me wonderful life lessons. Tiziana Trovati is one of a kind!

- Clara Kaye

Friends if you visit Tamarindo in Costa rica… you need to visit her. Tiziana is a beautiful soul and an amazing teacher and massage therapist.

- Toni Unrein

“Tiziana is an excellent physical therapist and massage therapist. Her expertise in pilates and yoga give her a keen eye for proper body alignment. She listens well during the first session and continues to listen in future sessions so she can refine the treatment plan. Tiziana is not satisfied to provide only a solution for removing immediate pain. Instead she seeks to educate the patient on the root cause.  I have dealt with rotator cuff and frozen shoulder issues intermittently over the years. Tiziana is the first to identify why this is reoccurring, so I can correct my behavior and avoid future incidents. I highly recommend Tiziana.”

- Denise Pelphrey

“Working with Tiziana for the past 7 years has been transformative physically, mentally and spiritually! She is truly unique in her range of knowledge and training.”

- Denise Jones

“What I love about Tiziana, is that she is inspiring and encouraging because she truly is passionate and excited about teaching and getting people to understand Pilates and what it has to offer. She uses humour and great visual and verbal cues to help you understand how to tweak your body so that you get the most out of each exercise and understand the techniques.

She’s really great about modifying and making the exercises cater to my injuries but also my development in the practice. She’s really been able to make me feel empowered in my body again and remind me that I am strong and that I can achieve my fitness goals without sacrificing my body’s future health.

I love Pilates because it’s a practice that involves being completely present in order to observe and move with intention. Recovering from an ankle injury, I wasn’t able to do cardio and high impact exercises like I used to. But what I love is that I’m finding that there are more efficient ways to workout and take care of my body while strengthening it at the same time.

I would highly recommend Tiziana to anyone who is interested in gaining long lean muscle tone as well as deepening their Pilates practice with one of the most talented Master Pilates instructors.”